Kristin Schultz-Kuszak

Facilitator, AstraZeneca

Kristin discovered electrophoresis in her junior year of college. She was an intern at Pharmacia, trying to decide what to do with her life. Her love for chemistry and neuroscience brought her to the University of Michigan where she got her Ph D in Analytical Chemistry. She then packed up her life and her two cats and headed to Maryland where she worked at the National Institute of Drug Abuse as a Post Doc. After getting beaten down by a Beckman P/ACE MDQ, she then spent two years at the FDA as a Commissioner’s Fellow at the Office of Cellular Tissue and Gene Therapy and the Division of Therapeutic Proteins. Sitting in front of the computer reviewing Investigational New Drug Applications made Kristin miss being in the lab. She then took a position at Medimmune/AstraZeneca and has been there for the past seven years. Currently she is not only the lead Electophoresis subject matter expert, but Kristin also serves as the Analytical representative on several chemistry, manufacturing, and control teams.