Lisa Dunkle M.D.

Novavax, Inc.

A graduate of Wellesley College and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, my career includes a former position of Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology at St. Louis University School of Medicine, where my research interests were focused on clinical research on antiviral agents, prior to my 30+ year career in clinical drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. As Executive Director of Antiviral Clinical Research, Bristol-Myers Squibb, I built the division and headed the teams that developed Videx® and Zerit® for treatment of HIV and Baraclude®, for the treatment of Hepatitis B. As Sr. Vice President, Drug Development, Achillion Pharmaceuticals, I built the Drug Development team and headed development of the company’s first antiviral agent for HIV and HBV, elvucitabine. As Senior and Executive Director of Antiviral Clinical Research, Schering-Plough, I headed the team that developed a novel CCR5 antagonist, vicriviroc, for the treatment of HIV. Also served as subject-matter expert on Licensing teams for vaccine development, including cell-culture-derived influenza vaccine. In 2011, I joined Protein Sciences Corporation as Chief Medical Officer, where I headed the clinical development of the first purified recombinant protein influenza vaccine. Following retirement from Protein Sciences, in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, I was recruited to my current role as Vice President of Clinical Development at Novavax to head the registrational development of our recombinant protein vaccine for SARS CoV-2 in collaboration with NIH and Operation Warp Speed. Honors include Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of America, Who’s Who in America and Distinguished Alumna of Johns Hopkins University (2011). Current research interests include clinical development strategies, especially for novel recombinant protein vaccines for emerging vaccine-preventable infectious diseases.