Celia Lourenco

Health Canada

Celia Lourenco holds a PhD in Pharmacology and has been the Director General of the Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate (BRDD) of the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada since November 2018. BRDD is the federal regulatory authority responsible for regulating a variety of drug products for the Canadian market, including blood, blood products, vaccines, biotherapeutics, gene therapies, cell therapies, and radioactive drug products. She was previously the Senior Executive Director of the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) and held other management positions within TPD over a period of about 10 years. In her various management roles as a regulator, Celia has been responsible for the review and authorization of a variety of new drugs for human use, either for clinical trials or for market authorization in Canada. Celia represents Health Canada at the Assembly and Management Committee of the International Council for Harmonization and at the Management Committee of the International Pharmaceutical Regulators Programme.