Damien Hallet

Precision Biosciences

Damien is part of the Cell Therapy team at Precision BioSciences. He joined Precision from Heat Biologics where he served as the Vice President of Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls and was responsible for the development and manufacturing of allogeneic whole cell cancer vaccines and co-stimulator molecules (antibodies and fusion proteins). Prior to Heat Biologics, Damien was employed at UCB Pharma/Celltech, Sanofi, and Centelion, a subsidiary of Aventis Pharma dedicated to Gene Therapy. Damien received a biochemical engineering degree from INSA de Toulouse, Grande Ecole and earned a Masters of Advanced Studies in Industrial Microbiology from Ecole Doctorale de Toulouse, France. He has developed an expertise with the Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls of many types of biologic medical products (cell therapy products, monoclonal antibodies, pegylated Fabs, gene therapy adenoviral and plasmid DNA vectors) and is excited to develop and translate this experience to CAR T-cells. When Damien is not trying to troubleshoot manufacturing processes and figure out faster and smarter program development pathways, he can be found messing around with jazz tunes on the piano, taking abstract photography (including his kids and dog!) and running up and down the hills of Chapel Hill.