Yasuhiro Kishioka

PMDA-Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

Dr. Kishioka is currently International Liaison Official stationed at EMA. He is dealing mainly with bilateral communication between MHLW/PMDA and EMA.
Since joining PMDA in 2008, Dr. Kishioka has worked in the Office of Cellular and Tissue-based Products where his responsibilities were the quality review of biotechnological/biological products and the review of biosimilars. He has been actively engaged in various international activities on these areas such as WHO, APEC, ICH and IPRP. Dr. Kishioka has been assigned as the ICH Q12 topic leader of Japanese regulatory authority. He has also worked in Office of International Programs and served as ICH Technical Coordinator. He obtained a Ph.D. from Hokkaido University in Meat Science with emphasis in Molecular Biology.