Xuezhi Bi

Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR Research Entities

Assoc Prof. Bi has 30 years of research experience in protein separation and proteomics on various protein sources from plant, animal, microbial to recombinant biotherapeutics. After obtained his Ph.D. in China, he underwent postdoctoral training at International Rice Research Institute and National University of Singapore. After joined A*STAR, he was dedicated to chemical proteomics for bioimaging probe/drug target identification, protein PTM, and protein-protein interaction analysis. Later, he developed a streamlined MS-based workflow for biotherapeutics PQAs characterization. In collaboration with SCIEX, his team optimized the method for unbiased quantification of host cell protein (HCPs) impurity, quantitative profiling of CHO culture processes using an in-house 10K comprehensive CHO cell proteome spectral library. He currently focuses on at-line/real-time DIA-MS workflow for biologics CQAs online monitoring and QbD processes profiling.