Mostafa Atia

University of Tasmania

Mr Abuzeid is a current professional staff and a PhD student at the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS), University of Tasmania, Australia, and a current Technical Assessor at the Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC), Cairo, Egypt, and a former Assistant lecture at Faculty of Pharmacy Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.
He has been working on collaboration projects with two different industrial companies, Pfizer®, a world-leading pharmaceutical company and GreyScan®, an Australian technology company that detect explosives.
Mr Abuzeid has been developing portable analytical devices and methods for the detection of trace pharmaceutical residue from surfaces for reactor cleanliness using swabs in pharmaceutical companies. Because of his expertise, he is currently working on a highly accelerated project focusing on trace virus detection, work that has gained significant media attention and attention by Australian and American Politicians and has considerable potential for safeguarding Australia and the world from the future pandemics for developing a portable analytical device for detecting the COVID-19 in-breath and swab tests.
To date, he has published seven research papers and filed a patent.