Krisztina Radi

Protein Metrics

Dr. Krisztina Radi is a Product Manager at Protein Metrics, and passionate about software solutions which help users get the maximum value and information out of their mass spectrometry data generated for the characterization of biopharmaceuticals.

She has over 15 years’ experience in the analytical science world, which she gained from working on analytical projects in the pharmaceutical industry, followed by her PhD studies in Bioanalytical mass spectrometry and method development for clinical diagnosis of Haemoglobin disorders at the University of Warwick. After gaining her PhD and working as a Postdoctoral research fellow, Krisztina returned to the industry, joining a leading biopharmaceutical company and spent several years as an analytical scientist working on characterising antibody drug conjugates with LC-MS. In her role before joining Protein Metrics, she worked as a Pharma/BioPharma vertical marketing manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Division.