Kenneth Tai

Kite, A Gilead Company

Kenneth Tai received his Ph.D. in genetic, molecular and cellular biology at the University of Southern California with a focus on structure/function of antimicrobial peptides. In 2012, he joined Life Technologies (now Thermofisher) as a technical applications scientist to support real-time PCR technologies and reagents. In 2014, Ken joined the global adventitious agents testing group at Genentech where he performed method validations and transfers of real-time PCR-based assays to replace the traditional cell culture-based methods for the detection of adventitious agents. Ken then joined the global analytical science and technology group where he focused on the implementation of innovative analytical methods to quality control. In 2021, Ken joined Kite Pharma as a senior manager in the analytical sciences and transfer group. He oversees a team that leads commercial method transfers and analytical life cycle management.