Jason Rouse

Pfizer, Inc.

Jason Rouse manages the Mass Spectrometry and Biophysical Characterization (MSBC) laboratory at Pfizer, Inc., which is a branch of the large molecule Analytical Research and Development (ARD) department in the greater Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences (BTxPS) process and product development organization. MSBC works collaboratively with research, development, and manufacturing groups across Pfizer to carry out product characterization and comparability/biosimilarity exercises, as well as time-sensitive investigations and bioprocess support. Jason received his Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry from Michigan State University in 1993 and joined Genetics Institute (GI) as a post-doctoral research fellow. Jason was promoted into positions of greater responsibility over the years in GI, Wyeth, and Pfizer, and currently he is the director of the MSBC group. Jason’s scientific interests include the elucidation and analysis of released N- and O-linked glycans by on-line and off-line MS techniques, as well as the top-down characterization of intact glycoprotein therapeutics by ultrahigh-resolution MS approaches. Jason is an active program committee member for the CASSS Mass Spec conference.