Dominick Vacante

Janssen Pharmaceutical R&D, LLC

Dominick Vacante is a scientific director with Janssen Research & Development and is a subject matter expert in viral safety, providing support for pharmaceutical development and marketed products. He has responsibility for CMC strategy, viral clearance, and cell banking. Currently, he is the Janssen representative to the PhRMA Global Quality and Manufacturing Working Group for the revision of ICH Q5a.

Prior to Janssen R&D, he was at Ceregene, Inc. developing gene therapy products using AAV and lentiviral vectors for neurological diseases; leading process development, and manufacture of viral vectors, plasmids, and delivery devices. Prior to that, he was at BioReliance developing new assay technologies, was a founder of a cell and viral vector contract manufacturing operation and at an earlier time, was a study director for virus detection assays and viral clearance studies. Prior to that, he was at the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke in the Infectious Diseases Branch researching the molecular neurovirology of human polyomaviruses (JCV, BKV) and HIV.