Alyssa Stiving

Merck & Co., Inc.

Dr. Alyssa Q. Stiving is a Senior Scientist in Analytical Research & Development at Merck & Co., Inc. based in West Point, PA. She obtained her B.S. in Chemistry (2015) from The Ohio State University and Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (2020) from the same institution under the guidance of Professor Vicki Wysocki. Her graduate research focused on instrument development and ion mobility, including using native mass spectrometry to study the structure of both soluble and membrane proteins. After joining Merck in 2020, she has worked on developing mass spectrometry methods to characterize vaccines and has had the opportunity to contribute to several programs including two Covid-19 live virus vaccine (LVV) candidates as well as multiple other vaccine modalities including virus like particles (VLPs). She currently works on utilizing bottom-up proteomics to profile host cell proteins in support of vaccine process development, post translational modification analysis, multiple reaction monitoring method development, and native mass spectrometry.