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Technical Seminar Sponsored by Intabio, Inc.: Meet the Blaze™ Imaged CIEF-MS System – MS Characterization of Intact Biotherapeutic Charge Variants - All in 15-min

‐ Sep 16, 2020 8:35am

The Blaze system directly couples high-resolution MS analysis with imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (iCIEF) to enable monitoring of multiple critical quality attributes in a single 15-minute iCIEF-MS assay. In this Technical Seminar, we will present details of the Blaze system’s design, including a novel nebulizer chip design. Detailed characterization of charge variants by chip-based electrospray ionization and interfacing to multiple MS systems including SCIEX, Thermo and Bruker will be presented. Comparative data on the Blaze system compared to legacy cIEF will also be shown. A new, streamlined software workflow from Protein Metrics for Blaze will demonstrate the combined analysis of iCIEF and MS data. The latest results from our biopharmaceutical collaborators demonstrate use of Blaze to monitor a wide variety of mAb structural variants.



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