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TS_ProteinMetrics - Unlock the Real Value of Your Complex Biopharma Analytical Data - Presentation Sponsored by Protein Metrics, Inc.

‐ Jan 24, 2022 8:00am

As biopharmaceuticals are becoming increasingly complex, the data generated with different analytical techniques is increasing in volume and variety. Obtaining the prescient insights scientists need and can subsequently feed into further stages of development has been hindered by the fact that data often comes from disparate analytical systems and is processed by many different disconnected tools.

LC-(UV)-MS data produces some of the most valuable data possible for biotherapeutic research, development, and production. Advanced enterprise data systems allow organizations to curate, interrogate, and faithfully share that information for timely decision making.

There are, however, key questions scientists need to address every day in accessing and exploiting their data. Is a vendor neutral software platform the answer? What are the real benefits, is it compliance-ready, does it really promote collaboration within the lab or the whole organization, and does it offer better integration between the software platforms they already use, or will it be another one on top of the complex data systems and they need to learn to use it?

In this webinar you can learn about how Byosphere, which is built on trusted data processing software from Protein Metrics,can take awaythe pain of processing data from different MS vendor platforms. This in turn smooths the path toinsights, deep queries and visualization of the processed and extracted information with intelligent dashboards.

Get the value out of your complex data by processing it faster,sharing it easily and summarize it for non-experts for GxP environment.

Who should attend?

Biopharmaceutical scientists with an interest in biopharmaceutical characterization by LC--MS, and general analytical development of biopharmaceuticals

People interested in how to get the most out of their data with no extra effort or pain

People interested in optimizing their IT infrastructure to easily access and operationalize all associated data


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