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Keynote Presentation - "The Future of Health, Medicine, Aging and Longevity in a Post-COVID World" with Ken Dychtwald, Age Wave

‐ Jan 26, 2022 10:00am

V Ken Dychtwald, Age Wave

Ironically, history’s greatest accomplishment – increasing longevity– could become civilization’s biggest challenge. Left “uncorrected,” the ensuing age wave could cause: a misalignment of many aspects of society from pensions to playgrounds; a gerontocracy that could spark political age wars and pandemics of cruel and costly degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Due to the combination of longer lives, declining fertility, the aging of the massive global baby boom and the impact of COVID-19, every dimension of health and healthcare – as well as aging and longevity - are being both challenged and transformed. 

In this revealing glimpse into the future—Age Wave visionary Ken Dychtwald, PhD will explore: 

•    How long might we live?  

•    With further gero-scientific breakthroughs in longevity, at what age will old age begin?

•    Will our later years be a time of health and vitality or illness and disability? 

•    What advances are needed in diagnostics, medical/nursing skills, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, AI, preventative and rehab fitness and functional nutrition to ensure that our health spans match our lifespans? 

•    Will the boomers opt for "pro-aging," "anti-aging" or "ageless aging and how will they deal with "right-to-death" issues?

•    How will boomer women and men approach aging differently?

•    Will super-longevity be purchasable on the open or black market and how do we feel about “longevity inequality?” 

•    What will be the new purpose of elderhood?

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