Yang Shen

Yang Shen is Associate Director of Analytic Science at ProtaGene US. As a problem solver, Yang enjoys leading a team of PhysChem scientists in tackling analytical challenges innovators encounter in developing biologics, gene therapies and other complex modalities. He has more than 17 years of professional experience in providing analytical development solutions, including process development and pre-formulation support for CMC and regulatory filings. Before joining ProtaGene, Yang worked for 10 years at AbbVie, where he gained extensive experience using chromatography and biophysical techniques and provided analytical support to enable process development, characterization and validation activities for CMC filings. At ProtaGene US, Yang oversees a team of scientists dedicated to development of physiochemical, chemical, biochemical and separations-based assays and methods to accelerate development of complex biologics and gene therapy products. Along with the full complement of analytical experience with NBEs, Yang has developed specialized expertise in characterization of AAV products, including methods for quantifying full/empty/partial capsids and difficult to detect residuals in gene therapy products.