Kate Yu

Kate joined 908 Devices in June 2021 as a director of applications. Her key focus is to lead the application development for the ZipChip, a microfluidic CE device as a front inlet for mass spectrometers.

Prior to join 908, Kate worked at Waters Corporation with variety roles ranging from application development, to marketing and business development, to product marketing, all LC/MS focused. Prior to join Waters, Kate worked at Sun Chemical, a printing ink company in New Jersey. While at Sun Chemical, she established and managed an analytical laboratory that provided services to the entire packaging ink division, which utilizes analytical tools such as GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, GPC, FTIR etc. which the application focus was on polymer and polymer additive analysis.

Kate received her Ph. D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati; M.S. in Chemical Biology from the Stevens Institute of Technology; B.S. from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in China.

Kate had authored/co-authored 30+ peer reviewed journal articles, 5 trade journal articles, 40+ Waters application notes, made 60+ meeting presentations, and published one English to Mandarin LC/MS book translation: “Applied Electrospray Mass Spectrometry”. Kate was also a columnist for LC.GC North America for the column: “MS: The Practical Art” from 2012 to 2016.


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