Jared Isaac

Cygnus Technologies

Dr. Jared Isaac currently leads Cygnus Technologies’ Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry services for identification and quantification of Host Cell Proteins. Trained in LC-MS proteomics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he is an expert in qualitative and quantitative mass spectrometry methods for biopharmaceutical process impurities. Jared utilizes Antibody Affinity Extraction or AAE™ in combination with FPLC, UHPLC, 2D-PAGE, and Mass Spectrometry to enable Biopharmaceutical companies to determine whether Cygnus Technologies’ HCP ELISA antibodies have sufficient coverage for the HCPs in their downstream purification process and assess HCP profile in final drug substances. Jared earned his PhD in Biomedical Science from the University of Cincinnati and his MBA from Western Michigan University. He has over eight years of industry experience.


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