Dean Smith PhD

Health Canada

Dr. Dean K. Smith is currently a Section Head and Senior Scientific Evaluator in the Center for Biologics Evaluation (CBE) of Health Canada, with over 20 years of experience in regulatory science in support of innovation in vaccine development, manufacturing and quality control. He has a range of biologics based scientific/regulatory experience from his management of CBE Divisions responsible for Bacterial and Viral Vaccines, as well as the Hemostatic Agents and Blood Substitutes. Representing Health Canada, Dr. Smith contributes to WHO’s vaccine and vaccine stability guidance development and implementation initiatives. For the past 10 years, he has been Health Canada’s representative to the European Directorate of Quality of Medicines (EDQM), Group 15 (Vaccines), which supports the European Pharmacopeia. He also serves on the Science and Ethics Advisory Committee for VAC2VAC under the European Vaccines Initiative. Dr. Smith's Ph.D. in Immunology is from the University of Alberta, where his research dealt with vaccine antigen discovery, autoimmunity and viral vector-based gene therapy.