Christopher Waite

Seagen Inc.

Christopher “CJ” Waite is a Research Associate working in the Mass Spectrometry Core Group of Analytical Sciences at Seagen, Inc. Prior to joining Seagen, CJ graduated from Arizona State University in 2019 with dual B.S. degrees in Biochemistry and Neurobiology. His undergraduate research focused on multiple sequencing techniques, including NMR, to evaluate the silk of radiolabeled spiders. However, given his horrible case of arachnophobia, CJ was beyond excited to make the switch to pharmaceutical development. At Seagen, CJ focuses on the development, characterization, and in-depth program support of monoclonal antibody and ADC pipelines. Recent work has included efforts to better integrate MS data with other orthogonal assays which has led to the development of in-house software packages to facilitate a more complete understanding of product quality. In particular, CJ has worked to bridge the knowledge gap between icIEF and peptide map datasets and he cannot wait to discuss this project in more detail with you.