Cassandra Crihfield

Facilitator, West Virginia University

Cassandra Crihfield earned a B.S. degree with distinction in chemistry from Wheeling Jesuit University in 2013. Cassandra has defended her Ph.D. dissertation in analytical chemistry at West Virginia University and is in the process of submitting her electronic dissertation and becoming a post doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Lisa Holland. While attending West Virginia University, Cassandra was a NanoSAFE and interdisciplinary graduate education and research traineeship (IGERT) fellow. Cassandra’s graduate research focused on developing enabling capillary electrophoresis techniques for the detection and characterization of small molecules, oligosaccharides, and proteins. This has included the development of aptamer based assays for herbicides, in-capillary enzymatic and lectin assays for glycan sequencing and linkage identification, and novel coatings for protein analyses. Cassandra is currently working on optimizing and validating DNA separations for the collaboration between the Holland lab and Pfizer.


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