Carine Logvinoff

Sanofi Pasteur

Dr. Logvinoff is a currently the Virology Analytical Expert for Sanofi Pasteur Analytical Sciences. Carine Logvinoff started to be interested in viruses during her academic education in Lyon Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France), interest emphasized during her PhD on Molecular and Cellular Biology with a Virology specialization, working on Herpesviridae, herpetic vectors and production cell lines. She continued to diversify her virology knowledge in C.M. Rice Lab Rockefeller University (NY, USA) working on Hepatitis C and HIV vectors as post-doctoral associate. She next joined the industrial vaccine world in 2004, first as a manager of an analytical Virology lab in Research and Development for Aventis Pasteur (former sanofi pasteur) , and then became a Process Development scientist. In 2007, she joined the analytical R&D department as an analytical scientist and next senior scientist, team member for various live attenuated viral vaccine candidates, from early phases to registration. During this period, she was also a member of World Health Organization Working Group on the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines (Live Attenuated) for Human Use. In 2018, she was assigned as Virology Analytical Expert within the newly created Analytical Sciences of Sanofi Pasteur, providing expertise on viral safety topics and analytics for viral vaccines.