Cari_Sänger van de Griend

Cari Sänger van de Griend

Kantisto BV

After more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Assoc Prof Dr (hab) Cari Sänger now runs Kantisto BV, her own consultancy in the analytical pharmaceutical chemistry. Cari’s research interests include implementing new technologies in industry, especially capillary electrophoresis, with a focus on the tiny details that matter. Implementation covers many aspects such as (bio)pharmaceuticals, good working practices, Quality by Design and analytical method life cycle management, protein and virus vaccine characterization, chiral separations etc. She also coaches young scientist and line managers and provides support on Regulatory-CMC topics. Cari received her MSc form Leiden University and her PhD at Uppsala University. In her spare time she is Associate Professor at Uppsala University, Director and Board member of CASSS and President of the Section Analytical Chemistry of the Dutch Royal Society of Chemistry.