Alison Rodger

Alison Rodger is a biophysical chemist who invents and develops spectroscopic methods to characterise the structure and function of biomacromolecules and their assemblies. She has invented micro-volume capillary flow linear dichroism, fluorescence detected linear dichroism, and Raman linear difference spectroscopy. She has a passion for innovative cross-discipline doctoral training. She has mentored aspiring female scientists from school age onwards. She was born in Edinburgh, lived in England where she began school, moved to New Zealand for Primary School, then Australia for Secondary School and University. Her academic career began with a PhD in Australia then moved to the UK for 30 years before returning to Australia in 2017. She has published over 200 papers, 9 books, 40 book chapters, and 5 patents. She was recognised in the 2015 Analytical Science Power List, is an Honorary Fellow of the British Biophysical Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, and served as a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Council. In 2021 she was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. She has collaborated with the biopharmaceutical industry developing analytical methods for over 20 years and is currently addressing the challenges of bioactive products where she is director of the Australian Research Council Centre for Facilitated Advancement of Australia's Bioactives.