Aaron Wecksler

Genentech, a Member of the Roche Group

Dr. Aaron Wecksler, PhD is currently a Technical Development Senior Scientist in the Protein Analytical Chemistry Department at Genentech. In his 10 years at Genentech, he has been the Analytical Lead for multiple Early Stage and Late Stage clinical candidates, responsible for critical quality attribute assessments, comparability strategies and end-to-end product development. In addition to pipeline contributions, he led the Global Higher Order Structure Team responsible for strategic decision-making for decipher mechanisms of action, structure-function relationship determinations, and structural consistency studies. He has published 30+ manuscript in scientific disciplines ranging from biochemistry to small molecule cancer therapeutics to biotherapeutics.

Aaron received his Doctorate in Chemistry and Biochemistry from UC Santa Cruz and was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.


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